Tapco HomeDry were called to Worcester Park this week to deal with a serious case of Woodworm and Wood Rotting Fungi. One of our fully qualified surveyors had previously visited the property to carry out a full survey and discovered several problems which required urgent treatment.

Our Tapco HomeDry Surveyor found Woodworm in the lower cupboard timbers, treads and risers of the staircase and also to the floorboards of the hall. Woodworm (Common Furniture Beetle Anobium Punctatum) have a lifecycle of 3-4 years and feed upon the wood in your home during the larvae stage. It’s only when they pupate into beetles and exit the wood that the distinctive holes surrounded by fine wood dust appear, warning you of the infestation.

Woodworm affecting the floorboards

Our Surveyor also found a serious case of wet rot Fungus (Coniophora Puteana) to the floorboards, joists and plate of several ground floor rooms. This is caused by high moisture content in the timbers coupled with poor ventilation. Luckily, unlike dry rot, wet rot doesn’t spread rapidly and limits itself to damp areas which support fungal growth. If not treated this can cause severe structural breakdown of timbers.


Wood rotting fungi affecting the timber floor plate in the front room

Tapco HomeDry’s experienced Operatives carried out urgent repairs and treatment at the property in Worcester Park. Heavily affected and weakened timbers had to be cut out and replaced with new pre-treated timber. Spray treatments and timber preservatives were also used to protect wood from further infestations. We increased the flow of air beneath the floors by installing two extra airbricks and enlarging the two existing ones. This should reduce damp and moisture content to deter wood rotting fungi from returning.

The property’s owner was confident in using Tapco HomeDry because we offer a long term guarantee through our Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) and believe in Do It Once, Do It Right. The fact we have been trading since 1971, over 45 years, says it all. We’re members of the Property Management Association (PCA), Trustmark (Government Endorsed Standards) and the British Damage Management Association (BDMA).

If you think you have a timber or damp problem in Worcester Park give Tapco HomeDry a call today on 0800 195 9878.

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