The London town of Beckenham was just a small village for a long time until a crop of new housing was built in the mid-nineteenth century. And thanks to this new development, the population grew by the thousands. Like a lot of growth throughout the UK, it’s the arrival of the railway that residents have to thank for the boom. The original village lay in fields, surrounded by grand estates. Beckenham retains its green and leafy image today. However, there’s clear evidence of the Victorian development. Beckenham is far from shy and retiring. With nine railway stations and a busy high street, it has an enormous number of local amenities. The area’s excellent access to Central London is a bonus for residents. Original buildings, such as Beckenham Place mansion have found new purposes. Since the housing boom in the nineteenth century, development of new homes has slowed. The Victorian buildings are often beautiful, but prone to a host of problems that plague older houses.

Whether you live in an older or more modern building, damp is a problem that can affect your home and family. It’s essential to address it as soon as possible, preferably before any issues occur. The longer you leave it, the worse any potential damp proofing problems can become.

Your Beckenham Home’s Safety

There’s nothing that Tapco HomeDry’s damp proofing specialists don’t know about damp. We have decades of experience dealing with all sorts of damp caused by different issues.

So we know that damp proofing your home is imperative to its safety, and to yours. Damp might start out as a slightly worrying patch on the wall, but it can soon evolve into a nightmare. If you spot any indication of damp, you can bet it’s not the only problem you need to deal with.

Tapco are Beckenham damp proofing specialists and will help you determine the cause, providing you with a damp proofing report and a no-obligation quote.

Looking After Your Health

How can damp or mould make your home unsafe? You might not realise it, but the presence of mould and mildew in your home can affect your health. People who have damp in their home are more likely to have respiratory problems than others.

You can suffer from allergies or experience symptoms such as sneezing or itchy eyes. If you already have a condition such as asthma, damp can make your symptoms worse. There have even been studies linking damp to the development of childhood asthma.

At Tapco HomeDry, we know that your family’s health is more important to you than anything. Our damp proofing specialists can help you protect your home and your health.

Addressing Beckenham Damp Proofing Issues

Damp problems don’t just arise from one fault in your home. They could be caused by moisture in your basement, a leaking water pipe or previous damp proofing that’s no longer effective.

Our experienced surveyors will find the vulnerabilities in your home and explain how we can address them. We have highly effective solutions to treat and prevent a range of prevalent issues.

Get in touch today to schedule your damp survey in Beckenham, and we’ll help you put your home and health first.


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