If you want a village escape in the hustle and bustle of London, Blackheath is the place to go.

The historic area features village shops, a farmers’ market, a library and a microbrewery. Arts lovers can spend a cultured day at Blackheath Conservatoire or Blackheath Halls. And residents can find anything from yoga to science at Mycenae House and Gardens.

Some of the area’s history might seem dark, such as its use as a burial ground during the plague. But it also has a long tradition of revolution.

Blackheath was used by Wat Tyler’s Peasants’ Revolt in the fourteenth century and the Kentish rebellion in the fifteenth. It also held a local branch of the London Society for Women’s Suffrage in 1909.

It’s not just Blackheath itself where what lies underneath could surprise you. Damp can creep up on any home that hasn’t been damp proofed, and even some that have received treatment in the past.

If you notice any mould or moist patches in your home, it could be an indication of a wider problem. You need to address it as soon as possible. Our experienced Blackheath damp surveyors will identify the issue and suggest the best ways to deal with it.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is not just a 1970s sitcom. This trouble causing issue occurs when damp slowly begins to climb your walls. Water from the ground enters your home through the mortar, brick and sandstone. It could cause your skirting boards or timber floors to start rotting or cause a “tide mark” along the walls. We’re no strangers to rising damp at Tapco HomeDry and have been helping to resolve Blackheath damp problems for decades.


Damp proofing is what we do, so we’re familiar with every type of damp that can occur. Condensation can be a huge annoyance and could even affect your health. Condensation control is one of the several specialised services that we provide.

We know that excess moisture in your home is a common problem in newer buildings. Energy efficient measures can cause unintended problems. We can ensure you aren’t swapping one problem for another by addressing the causes of condensation.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp often happens when moisture is unable to escape your home. It builds up and can cause damp patches on both your walls and ceilings, often at ground floor level. Our expert damp surveyors can catch this problem during their survey of your home. In no time at all, you could have a plan to repair it and a no-obligation quote to get you started.

Blackheath Damp Proofing You Can Trust

Tapco HomeDry isn’t one of the best damp proofing services in Blackheath for no reason. As proud members of several trade associations, we’re committed to providing high standards of service on every job. Get in touch with us today to discuss a damp survey for your home. It won’t be long before your family home is back to full health.


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