Brixton, in the borough of Lambeth, has graced the United Kingdom with not one, but two past Prime Ministers.

Both Harold MacMillan, who held office between 1957 and 1963, and more recently John Major (1992-1997) have at one time or another resided in this thriving multi-ethnic part of London.

Once known more for riots and civil unrest, Brixton has undergone a stunning revival in recent decades. In evidence of this Brixton was the worthy recipient of the Great Neighbourhood Award in 2013.

While many of the older buildings in the area were destroyed in heavy bombing during World War 2, to be replaced by more modern housing, these days there is still a significant need for damp proofing in Brixton for a number of reasons.

Brixton Damp Proofing Problems

Many of the properties in Brixton were hurriedly erected after the war. In the post-war building boom that followed in the fifties and sixties many of Brixton’s best-known and sprawling estates were constructed.

Damp proofing problems in the area can stem from a number of sources, such as the age of many of the properties. The reality is that damp proof courses rarely last forever; yet more have been incorrectly installed from the outset. The impressive number of Victorian buildings in the area are even more at risk of damp problems due to building regulations being far less strict in the past.

Perhaps most worryingly of all even new-build properties are not immune to damp problems. As house building has improved over the years so our homes are warmer and more air-tight than ever before. While this may help to keep us snug in winter, and to keep our power bills to a minimum, the lack of airflow in modern buildings can cause problems with condensation.

Fortunately whatever damp-related problem you’re experiencing in Brixton Tapco HomeDry are on call to help. Our highly experienced team has over 40 years of experience of remedial damp proofing in and around London, and we have successfully completed a wide range of projects in your area.

The Damp Proofing Process

We know that suffering from a damp home can be a truly stressful situation that can cause ill health and lost sleep. Fortunately with Tapco you’ll find that you’re in safe hands.

Our highly experienced surveyors are ready and waiting to attend your home. Here they will undertake a thorough assessment of the problems you’re suffering from; not to mention the suggested solutions. Our surveyors are happy to answer any questions you may have without the “hard sell”.

You can rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with the best in the business, and that we have both the knowhow and the experience to repair your home and allow you once again enjoy living in your property.

If you’re happy with your damp proofing report and the no-obligation quote then we will agree a suitable date with you to begin the remedial work. While much damp proofing in Brixton is by its very nature rather disruptive (removal of damaged plaster or timber may be necessary, for example) over the years we have developed an appreciation of how important it is to minimize this – and to make the whole process of remedial damp proofing work as painless for you as possible.

Why not call Tapco HomeDry today for a chat and a no-obligation damp survey and we’ll return your home to its former glory as quickly as possible.


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