At the centre of Harlesden, you’ll find the Jubilee Clock. It was put in place to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. But the clock certainly isn’t the only thing that Harlesden has going for it.

This vibrant area of the borough of Brent has been up-and-coming for a long time. The mixed population includes an active Caribbean culture.

There are also Irish, Brazilian and Portuguese communities. It’s also well-known for its boxing, having produced two Olympic gold medalists. Harlesden has cleaned up its act in recent years, although it still retains an eclectic charm.

Harlesden is just 20 minutes by tube to the centre of London. So it’s well-connected for anyone working in the city. If you live in the area, you’re likely to live in an older home. These less than new buildings might have a certain charm to them. But they can be prone to a number of maintenance issues.

One of them is that they can be particularly vulnerable to damp. However, don’t get complacent if you live in a newer or recently modernised home. You could still find yourself with a damp problem.

Many homeowners will attempt to get rid of a problem on their own or even to ignore it for as long as possible. But dealing with the issue at the first opportunity will improve your life and your home immensely.

Improved Home Appearance

We know that the appearance of your home is important to you. It’s not just essential to keep it in good condition for your family. It’s also crucial to consider the possibility of selling it in the future too.

Fortunately, at Tapco HomeDry we have decades of experience in repairing and preventing damp problems. We know you want your damp issues solved with minimal disturbance to your home and its appearance.

When we address damp in your property, we can restore it to its former glory. We try to have a minimum impact on your home, so you can get on with your daily lives. In addition to repairing the visual effects of damp, you could find a marked improvement in the smell too.

Looking After Your Health

Damp in your home can exacerbate respiratory issues for the people in your home. Our damp proofing will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of damp. Whether we install a basement tanking system or use extractor fans to reduce condensation, it could help you be healthier.

Resolving Structural Problems

At Tapco, our experts aren’t just knowledgeable about damp. With their building and structural knowledge, they know that damp can cause issues within the structure of your home.

From wet rot to cavity walls, we’re prepared to help you keep your home standing for lifetimes to come. Structural problems can cause long-term damage. But Tapco can help Harlesden residents ensure that’s not the case.

Damp Proofing in Harlesden

Getting started with damp proofing your Harlesden home couldn’t be simpler. One of our professional damp surveyors will inspect your home from basement to attic. Give us a ring today to start arranging a survey for your property. It won’t take long to get on your way to creating a warm and dry home.


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