If you want to live close to Central London but still occupy a house, Highbury is one of the best places you can be.

As you move closer to the City, you have to start looking at apartments if you want a home.

Highbury is known for its links to the arts. It was the site of Wessex Studios, created by Beatles producer George Martin. There was also the film and TV studio Highbury Studios.

Originally the building was a Victorian music conservatoire. Despite being a quieter place than nearby Islington, there are still places to go and things to do. From French restaurants to traditional pubs,

Highbury attracts a mix of people. They range from professional bankers to first-time buyers and affluent creatives. Victorian and Edwardian homes and red bricks make up a lot of the homes to choose from.

You’ll find plenty of Highbury’s homes occupied by famous residents too. But even if you’re not in the public eye, dealing with damp in your home is a concern for everyone. If you spot signs of damp in your property, you might be unsure about what to do next.

Tapco HomeDry have attended appointments in Highbury for years. There’s nothing we don’t know about dealing with damp.

Identifying the Causes of Damp

Before you can address damp issues in your Highbury home, you first need to find the cause. There are many guides online to begin doing this, but it could be more difficult than you first think. To begin identifying the type and cause of damp, you need to assess the symptoms.

Different ways the damp manifests will indicate various types of damp. For example, deteriorating skirting boards could indicate rising damp. The quickest and easiest way to identify the cause is to get a survey from a Tapco HomeDry expert. A thorough inspection of your home will bring up any and all issues that could lead to damp.

Seeking Help for Damp Proofing

After assessing the symptoms of damp and its causes, you need to find help in restoring and protecting your home. As well as discussing the next moves with your damp surveyor, there are some measures you can take too. For example, the internet has a wealth of resources that will help you deal with issues such as mould on your soft furnishings.

Repair and Protection

At Tapco, we don’t just remove the damp from your home. Our dedicated team of builders will help you restore your property to its former condition. We want your home to stay damp free after we’ve repaired it. So your damp surveyor will recommend a range of treatments to address any problems. They could range from basement damp proofing to ventilation solutions.

Start the Damp Proofing Process

Contact Tapco HomeDry today for Highbury damp proofing advice. From repair and restoration to protection, we’ll meet all your damp proofing needs. It only takes a quick phone call to arrange a damp proofing survey and get your home back to its former perfect health.

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