In the heart of bustling South London, you’ll find Tooting.

Once an Anglo-Saxon settlement, one of the possible translations for the name Tooting is “the people of Tota”.

If you happen to be one of those people, you need to make sure that your Tooting premises are always as safe as they can be. As you know, if you don’t maintain your house well, you could end up dealing with many problems.

The longer you leave a potential issue, the worse it will become. When it comes to damp problems, you might find that the issues develop faster than you could ever imagine even causing the dreaded dry rot. That is where we, Tapco HomeDry, come into the equation.

At Tapco HomeDry, we know a thing or two about damp proofing in Tooting. Over the four decades we’ve been in business, we have gained a great deal of experience. We use our expert knowledge and qualified personnel to deliver the finest level of service to you – our loyal Tooting customers.

Why Do You Need Damp Proofing in Tooting?

You might wonder what damp-proofing is and why it is so important for your home. Well, there are many significant issues that can occur if you happen to have a damp problem that is occuring in your house.

One of the worst things that damp tends to cause is wood rotting fungi like dry rot (Serpula lacrymans). The damp or wet timbers are the perfect conditions for organisms to start to grow and, of course, reproduce. If this type of dangerous fungi begins to grow in your home, it could destroy the woodwork in your home and be very expensive to eradicate

This means that the structure of your house could suffer some severe damage in no time at all. Aside from that, there is also hygroscopic salt contamination, which can affect your plastering. These examples are just two of the many issues that damp can cause in the long and short term.

Protect Your Home Against Damp Problems

When you make the sensible decision to damp-proof your home, you can prevent these problems from worsening. That means that you will not lose any of the value of your home. If you call us at Tapco HomeDry, we will do everything we can to help solve all your damp related problems. Our team will go above and beyond your expectations to make sure that we eradicate any possible damp problems in your house.

The first step is identifying the type of the damp in your home and what has caused it. One of our expert qualified surveyors will come to your property and take a look at the damp. Next, we will assess what is required to eradicate it. In some cases, we may have to remove some of the lower plastering and inject a high-performance damp proof course to the base of the damp walls. This solution will stop any further damp from rising, which will mean that there is no further damage to the walls of your home. Don’t worry about your walls. Once we have finished, we will re-plaster them in accordance with our damp proofing specification and leave your home looking as good as new, ready for decorating.

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If you want to protect your home from damp problems, there is only one thing for it. Call our Tapco HomeDry team today. One of our happy experts will support you and give you any advice you may need!


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