On the outskirts of England’s capital city, New Malden is a suburban town where many families choose to live.

Near the centre, you will find Beverley Park, which is an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon. With a football pitch, tennis courts and even a few allotments, the park is popular with many in the local area.

This quiet place is home to a grand population, many of which work in central London. If you and your family happen to live in this area, you get the best of both worlds.

At Tapco HomeDry, we know how much people care for their homes. After al our head office is not far from you in Thames Ditton. Your house serves as a base for your family life, It is the place where you make memories, host family occasions and rest at night so it has to be free of damp problems.

Of course, you want to do everything you can to see that no damage ever comes to your property. Well, we want the same thing. One of the worst things that can happen to a home is that it suffers from damp or dry rot. If you believe you have a recurring damp issue in your home, you need some expert help.

Tapco HomeDry for New Malden Damp Proofing Services

With more than four decades worth of experience, our team are experts in the field of damp-proofing homes in New Malden. In fact, we have completed a multitude of damp prevention contracts in the region. That is to say that our professional workmen know just what it takes to deliver you the highest level of service in the industry.


If you have a new, modern home, you might find that you have a problem with condensation. People often believe that damp does not affect new buildings, but that is rarely the case. In reality, condensation can be a massive hindrance to new homes.

Damp Basements

If your property is a classic structure, you need to beware of damp basements. Many old London properties have a severe issue when it comes to moisture in their basements and cellars. When this issue arises, it can mean disastrous things for your home such as the insidious dry rot. If the basement has no form of waterproofing, it means that it is subject to lateral damp penetration from the earth retaining walls.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is one of the most common issues people have with their homes. This problem can mean that things, such as wood rotting fungi, dry rot and wet rot are also present in your house along with woodworm.

We can eradicate all of these issue in the most effective way for you. Once we have completed the project, we will also include reinstatement work so that you can re-decorate your home. When we leave, we ensure that your New Malden property looks as good as new.

Call Us Now for Damp Proofing Advice

If you fear that there is a problem with damp in your home, please don’t hesitate to call us right away. One of our damp prevention experts will guide you through our unique processes and give you all the support you need.


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