While Barnet as it is today was only formed in 1965, in reality the area has been inhabited much longer. Chipping Barnet, for example, boasts a market place that dates back to the thirteenth century.

Long a popular area, Barnet is now considered the second most-inhabited London borough and boasts current and past residents including cricketer Phil Tufnell (Finchley) and Cliff Richard. It was also once-upon-a-time to Octavia Hill, founder of the National Trust.

Perhaps if she were alive today Octavia would require the services of a damp proofing company like Tapco Homedry to help protect the many properties she saved from destruction. The reality is that the majority of the soil around here is heavy clay, meaning that excess moisture has a nasty habit of sitting around, rather than draining away, which commonly creates damp proofing problems in the area.

Barnet Damp Proofing Problems

If you suspect that your home is suffering from damp-related problems then you are far from alone. Having been in business for over 40 years Tapco Homedry regularly attends damp proofing work in Barnet so we know only too well the problems that home owners in the area face.
Some of the most common problems requiring remedial damp proofing work include:

Leaking Plumbing – all too often it isn’t the large leaks which cause damp problems, but rather the subtle leaks which are hidden away within the core of your property. Over time these hidden risks drip away, dampening plasterwork and timber, allowing wet rot or dry rot to take hold.

Rain Penetration – the more characterful properties for which Barnet is so rightly known frequently suffer from natural wear and tear, not to mention environmental degradation. Over time cracks can appear in mortar, eaves or roofing tiles for example, allowing the much-maligned British weather inside.
Lateral Damp – moisture in the clay—rich soil of Barnet can have unpleasant side-effects for property owners, particularly with regards to subterranean rooms like cellars and basements. If these rooms have not been correctly damp proofed – which is seen in properties of all ages but is more prevalent in the more historic properties in the area – this water can leach in through the brick-work.

Rising Damp – while modern properties are these days built with a damp-proof course as standard rising damp is still a problem in the area, with water rising up the walls of a property by capillary action. The reasons for these damp proofing problems can be numerous; in older properties the damp proof course may be damaged – or even missing altogether. Even in new properties it is not unheard of for a damp proof course to be incorrectly installed leading to damage and heartache.
Fortunately irrespective of the damp-related problems you are encountering you can rely on Tapco HomeDry to resolve the issue on your behalf. With over four decades of happy customers it is no wonder we have become known as one of London’s premier damp proofing specialists.

Unlike some other damp proofing firms in the area we are proud members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and all our work is fully guaranteed for 20 years. This should give you some idea of just how confident we are in being able to resolve any damp-related problems in Barnet.
Why not call Tapco Homedry today for a damp survey and a no-obligation quote; we’ll return your home to its former glory as quickly as possible.


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