Known in the Domesday Book as Cambrewelle, meaning “Well of the Britons”, Camberwell has a long and illustrious history dating back to the dim and distant past. It is the only area of London with a butterfly named after it (the Camberwell beauty) which was originally described here in the 1700’s.
Camberwell is now perhaps better-known as the former home of actor Sir Michael Caine, as well it’s impressive housing stock featuring numerous beautiful Georgian properties filled with original features. Sadly, older a properties are far more prone to damp proofing problems which can lead to structural damage as well as health issues.

In those individuals who are prone to allergic reactions, the microscopic spores released by mould can cause sore throats, headaches, coughs that won’t get better and red eyes.

In many damp homes you find you are suffering from such conditions without even having laid eyes on a fungus, simply because it is growing in an inaccessible part of your home such as the floor boards or roof joists. As Michael Caine would say; “not a lot of people know that”.

Sadly, while damp problems are prevalent in older Camberwell properties, even newer properties are far from immune. Indeed new properties with their better air-sealing to keep you warm and cosy in winter can actually increase the chances of condensation problems caused by bathing, cooking and general day-to-day activities.

Fortunately there is no need to suffer in silence; no matter what the source of your damp, Tapco HomeDry are on hand to diagnose the problem and carry out remedial work where necessary.

Camberwell Damp Proofing Solutions

When choosing a damp proofing specialist there are a number of factors you should consider. Firstly there is no single standard damp proofing solution; the experienced damp proofer has a range of tools at their fingertips which can be utilized to repair your home.

It is critical to select a damp proofer who has the training and knowledge to accurately diagnose the source of your damp proofing problems. Furthermore it is essential that the source of your damp problem is treated appropriately, otherwise you may find yourself having to carry out further work in the future.

This is the reason why Tapco HomeDry offer a twenty year guarantee on all work we carry out and that our highly-experienced team are Property Care Association (PCA) members. This helps to underline the depth of training our specialists have undergone and just how much faith we put in the work we do.
Pleasingly, having carried out all manner of damp proofing projects in Camberwell, we are proud to report impressive independent reviews on Trust Pilot which just goes to illustrate the levels of satisfaction experienced by our customers – and hopefully by you too.

Trust Tapco

If you are growing concerned by damp problems in your home then rest assured that Tapco, with a pedigree spanning 44 years of damp proofing in Camberwell, are uniquely placed to repair your home.
Contact us today and one of our highly-experienced damp surveyors will visit to carry out a thorough damp survey. Here we will test plaster and timber within your home to assess the extent of the damage and to locate the source of your problems.

As with so many problems, the biggest problem is a lack of knowledge. With our detailed report you’ll know exactly what work needs doing and – if you so choose – Tapco can begin work at a mutually agreeable time.

Rest assured – if you’re seeking a damp proofing survey in Camberwell then Tapco HomeDry is a name you can rely on.


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