Earlsfield is named after the Victorian manor house that once stood here, which was sold to the local railway company in the 19th century on the condition that the name lived on. These days Earlsfield represents a quieter and more sedate way of life than busier and better-known neighbours like Wandsworth and Clapham.

Over the last few years Earlsfield has experienced an influx of new residents, thanks at least in part to the wealth of beautiful Victorian terraced houses which line this largely residential area. Older properties may be characterful but they can also be prone to damp problems in many cases.

The reality is that very few properties survive from the past without at least a few bruises and scrapes. As one of Earlsfield’s most experienced damp proofing contractors Tapco HomeDry has assisted numerous home owners like you in the past. The key to minimizing the amount of remedial work required is to seek help from a damp proofer as soon as damp problems are experienced.

Do It Once, Do It Right

In many cases by the time there are visible signs of dampness the problem has existed in your property for some time. What you might think is merely a single patch of damp on your wall could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Problems experienced by home owners in Earlsfield can include lateral damp whereby moisture wicks across the brick exterior of your property. The most common sources of lateral damp are rooms below the ground, such as basements and cellars.

Any room in which the floor is located beneath the surface of the surrounding soil however can be affected, as water in the soil around your property is absorbed by the brickwork of your property.

In older properties it is also more likely to experience problems with rising damp, whereby water in the external environment is able to work its way vertically up your walls by capillary action. This can even occur in properties that have a damp proof course installed, either because the DPC has become damaged with age or because it was improperly fitted to begin with.

In such cases even first floor rooms can become affected by damp patches on the walls, mould growth and the smell associated with damp.

Tapco HomeDry – A Name You Can Trust

Tapco HomeDry was founded in 1971 and since then has become one of the premier damp proofing companies in the Earlsfield area.
We appreciate that suffering from damp can be a fear-inducing situation which can quickly escalate, with mould and fungus taking over timber and plasterwork.

Fortunately, with our glowing independent Trust Pilot reviews you can feel confident that we have the knowledge and reputation to identify and repair any damp problems in your home.

Once you call us you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands; all our work is guaranteed for 20 years and we are also members of the Property Care Association – the de facto professional body for qualified damp proofing firms.

Get in contact today and see just how we can help to resolve your damp proofing problems.


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