Tapco HomeDry has just visited a property in Acton with a really virulent case of Dry Rot Fungus. You should be fully aware that if you suspect an attack of Dry Rot within your home in Acton, it is extremely important to have it fully and thoroughly surveyed urgently, by a qualified surveyor, as it spreads rapidly. This is because it has the ability to not only destroy timber but to spread through masonry and other building materials.

Our Surveyor found True Dry Rot Fungi (Serpula lacrymans) which is the most damaging of any wood destroying fungi that can affect a property. It will quickly eat into the internal fabric and surfaces of your property and destroy anything in its path.

The term Dry Rot is slightly confusing as this brown wood decaying fungi needs a minimum amount of 20% moisture before it can start to do its damage. We used an electronic ‘Survey Master’ damp meter to determine moisture levels and inspected timbers and accessible floor areas.

Following our survey we sent the homeowner a full and thorough report including floor plans, photographs and recommendations of what remedial work and treatment was required.

They immediately instructed us to send our experienced Tapco HomeDry operatives to carry out remedial action, in accordance with our recommendations, to prevent the problem worsening and became even more costly.

The specialist restoration work and treatment included:
• Specialist masonry and timber treatment. Cutting out affected structural timbers and replacing with new pre-treated timber as necessary plus applying high performance timber preservatives to all remaining sound timber.
• Specialist Dry Rot replastering.
• Replacing joinery using new pre-treated timber.
• Improving sub-floor ventilation by installing extra air bricks. If airflow is not sufficient it will rapidly promote timber decay.

This work was imperative because Dry Rot will not go away on its own, it will only become worse and has the ability to spread to adjoining properties and cause structural damage.

Tapco HomeDry has been in the Dry Rot business since 1971, giving us over 44 years’ experience. It‘s therefore no surprise that we are London, Surrey and the Home Counties preferred Dry Rot specialists. We’re members of several professional bodies including the Property Care Association (PCA) and our work is covered by long term Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) to give you total peace of mind.

Call us on 0800 195 9878 for your Dry Rot Survey.

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